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Canadian Income Tax and Benefit Return 2005

RRSP Unused Contributions, Transfers, and HBP or LLP Activities Schedule 7

Only complete this schedule and attach it to your return when one or more of the following situations applies: 1, 2 ....5

PART A - Contributions

Unused RRSP contributions, amount B of this year "RRSP Deduction Limit Statement" on your last year Notice of Assessment or Notice of reassessment. 1
Total contributions made to your RRSP or your spouse or common-law partner's RRSP from: MArch 2 to December 31 (attach all receipts): 2
January 1 to March 1 (attach all receipts): + 3
Add lines 2 and 3 =245 >> + 4
Total RRSP contributions: Add lines 1 and 4 = 5

PART B - Repayments under the HBP and the LLP

Contributions made to your RRSP from January 1. to March 1., that you are designating as your repayments under the HBP and LLP for the tax year. Do not include an amount you deducted or designated as a repayment on your previous year return, or that was refunded to you. Also do not include any contributions or transfers that you will be including on line 10 or 11 below.
Repayment under HBP 246 6
Repayment under LLP +262 7
Add lines 6 and 7 = >> - 8

PART C - RRSP deduction

RRSP contributions available to deduct: Line 5 minus line 8 = 9
RRSP contributions you are deducting for the tax year (not to exceed the lesser of the amount on line 9, excluding transfers, and your RRSP deduction limit for the tax year (amount A) of your "RRSP Deduction Limit Statement" on your previous year Notice of Assessment or Notice of reassessment) 10
Transfers (see "Line 11 - Transfers" at line 208 in the guide) +240 11
Add lines 10 and 11 = 12
RRSP deduction: Enter the amount from line 9 or 12, whichever is less. Also enter this amount on line 208 of your return. -208 13

PART D - RRSP unused contributions available to carry forward

Your unused RRSP contributions available to carry forward to a future year Line 9 minus line 13 = 14

PART E - tax year withdrawals under the HBP and LLP

HBP: Enter the amount from box 27 of all your T4RSP slips 247 15
Check this box if the address shown on page 1 of your return is the same as the address of the home you purchased under the HBP 259 16
LLP: Enter the amount from box 25 of all your T4RSP slips 263 17
Check this box if you want to designate your spouse or common-law partner as the LLP student 264 18

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