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Canadian Income Tax and Benefit Return 2005

Donations and Gifts Schedule 9

Attach a copy of this schedule to your return along with those official receipts that support your claim. Remember, you may have charitable donations shown on your T4 and T4A slips. See line 349 in the guide form more information.
Total eligible amount of charitable donations and government gifts 1
Enter your net income from line 236 of your return x 75% = 2
Gifts of depreciable property (from Chart 2 in pamphlet P113, Gifts and Income Tax) 337 3
Gifts of capital property (from Chart 1 in pamphlet P113, Gifts and Income Tax) +339 4
Add lines 3 and 4 = x 25% = + 5
Total donations limit: Add lines 2 and 5 (not to exceed the amount on line 236 of your return) = 6
Allowable charitable donations and government gifts (enter the amount from line 1 or line 6, whichever is less) 340
Eligible amount of cultural and ecological gifts (see line 349 in the guide) +342
Add lines 340 and 342. =344
Enter $200, or the amount from line 344, whichever is less -345 x 16% = 346 7
Line 344 minus line 345 =347 x 29% = +348 8
Donations and gifts: Add lines 7 and 8. Enter this amount on line 349 of Schedule 1. = 9

T1 General
Federal Tax Schedule 1
Federal Amounts Transferred Schedule 2
Capital Gains Schedule 3
Investment Income Schedule 4
Details of Dependant Schedule 5
RRSP Unused Contributions Schedule 7
CPP Contributions on Self-Employment Schedule 8
Federal Tuition and Education Amounts Schedule 11
Ontario Tax ON428
Ontario Credits ON479
Provincial Tuition and Education Amounts ON(S11)

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